Beaune 1er cru "Les Grèves"
Here we are in the presence of the most extensive 1er cru of the Beaune appellation (around 31.5 ha).
Some think the name "grèves" derives from Latin and means "gravel". Others think it refers to a conspicuously sandy soil.

Vines have been grown here since Roman times.
Nearby, embedded in the "Grèves" climat, lies the very famous "Vigne de l'Enfant Jésus".
Our family has been working this parcel of Beaune "Grèves" since the 1969 harvest.

This is a very handsome vineyard. The very long rows (around 450 metres) make it possible to appreciate the differences in soil type we spoke of earlier. From the foot of the slope we harvest several "ouvrées"* of Pinot Noir from vines planted in 1988. These are blended with grapes from the middle and upper slopes, planted in 1981.

This high-quality red wine with its deep coloration and  delicate aromas is mouth-filling, generous and silky and has always been one of Beaune's most highly thought-of crus.
 * Traditional unit of land measurement. 1 ouvrée = 428 m2

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